short comedy

After Josephine drops the marble, a sudden chain of events unfolds in front of her. John’s and her long-planned evening won’t become a reality. Instead they will find a big unexpected insight about themselves.
My role: director, writer, idea development
Status: released
Release year: 2019
Length: 3,5 min

In our stressful and overwhelming time, who would resist taking some rest in the place where is no rush at all? With his unique methods Rupert is the right guy to help you calm down and find your inner self.

My role: idea development, co-director, actress
Status: released
Release year: 2020
Length: 4 min


A film by: Mascha Deikova, Hannes Kirschner, Imanuel Thallinger, Raphael Maier, Philippe Bentegeac, Mascha Beuthel
Sound supervisor: Delta Vision

This is an another short movie, which was created within 36 hours from the first idea to the final cut. Practically each year me and my team take part in Instant36 Short Film Competition, an annual contest which takes place in Salzburg, Austria. This year, though, we were not only facing time limitation, but also had to struggle with COVID-restrictions and lockdown-regulations in Austria.

That’s why we – 6 friends-filmmakers – have locked ourselves down in an old but absolutely cinematic cabin in Slovenian Alps and decided to go through the whole process on our own (without professional actors and big crew). This year’s topic was “Time has no place in our world” and we developed it into a comedic and somehow bizarre story. Despite of all the challenges like shifting weather (from sun to the stormy snowfall), we are proud of the result and are honoured that judges picked our short as the 3rd place winner of 2020-year’s competition.