and my professional way

One night I was trying to fall asleep in a tent at the altitude of over 4300 meters. The wind was blowing like crazy but the only thing I heard was my heart trying to get out through the ribs due to the oxygen shortage. My head was absolutely clear. The whole world reduced to the process of breathing in and breathing out. Suddenly, I realised how many meaningless things and fears were stopping me from doing what I wanted. 

That was when I decided to follow my passion and to go and start telling stories in a visual way, creating new worlds and exploring this one.

To sum up my experience (and in case you need something to print out)
here is my One-Page Filmography & Short vitae:

  • directing

  • writing/researching/creating concepts

  • working with actors, extras, interview partners

  • developing cinematography concepts; blocking the scenes; creating moodboards & storyboards

  • video postproduction (edit) 

  • shoot preproduction: preparing shooting orders and script breakdowns

  • bits of passionate set design

Adobe Premiere Pro

DaVinci Resolve


German, English, Russian, Austrian Sign Language


Thank you for your attention and hope to hearing from you soon!